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• HIPAA Compliant
• Bulk Purge
• Recurring Service Options
• Locally Owned & Operated



The ONLY Locally Owned & Operated Secure Shredding Solution in the Quad Cities!

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. It is no longer safe to throw away paperwork that contains any type of confidential information. Several laws have been passed requiring businesses to destroy client information to protect individuals from the crime of Identity Theft. All types of organizations, professionals and individuals should protect themselves by using a secure document shredding service.


We will shred your documents beyond recognition, and we can provide a certificate of destruction. You can drop off at our office or we can come to you with our mobile shredding truck. We use locked security containers and are both HIPAA Compliant and NAID AAA Certified. Reduce costs, reduce risks, save money, recycle, and save time with Shredding by Sir Speedy Prescott!

Bulk Purge at your office, home, or storage location. Re-use your storage boxes or we can take them away for you.


Recurring Services can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. See everything shred in front of you on-site. Carts or office consoles available.

Bring it to Sir Speedy and we can shred it here. This is a great option if you have 6 boxes or less.

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Are you wondering what to keep and what to shred? We looked at experts’ advice and compiled this summary of how long they recommend keeping certain documents.

Shred Immediately- Sales receipts, ATM receipts, Paid credit card statements, Paid utility bills, Credit offers, Cancelled checks (that are not tax-related), Expired warranties.

Up to One Year- Pay stubs, Bank statements, Paid undisputed medical bills.

After Seven Years-  Tax-related receipts, Tax-related canceled checks, W-2s, Records for tax deductions taken.

It Depends- Auto titles, Home deeds, Disputed medical bills, Home improvement receipts.

Keep Forever- Birth certificates, Social Security cards, Marriage or divorce decrees, Citizenship papers, Adoption papers, Death certificates, Tax returns.


35"H x 19"W x 16"D

Holds approx 80-100 lbs.


41"H x 25"W x 29"D

Holds approx 175-195 lbs.

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